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Meaningfully engage with people in Egyptian Arabic

Are you in a situation where you need to know Egyptian Arabic enough to interact with people, but are overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? Are you the kind of person who doesn’t like to be seen as a “foreigner”, clueless and unable to live and operate in the place you are in? Wouldn’t your ability to understand and be understood be enhanced if you could simply get enough language to begin to meaningfully connect?

If you don’t understand the absolute basics of a language, you cannot be a participant in the language. When it comes to Egyptian Arabic, by not speaking the dialect you will miss out on so much of the vibrancy and passion of Egyptian culture. Worse, you may not even realize it. You might be one of those “foreigners” who spends their whole day around other foreigners and complains about “the locals”. That doesn’t need to be you!

This workshop prepares you to be a growing participant in Egyptian Arabic

The Egyptian Arabic Absolute Beginner’s Workshop offers you a head-start so that you can begin interactions with people in Egyptian Arabic, wherever you are in the world. Not the clueless “foreigner” (a translation of the Arabic word that Egyptians use to refer to non-Egyptians who do not speak Egyptian Arabic), but an active part (even if a small part!) of groups and situations. You will be able to take the first step toward people, understand key things being said, participate in simple conversations, and immerse yourself in the Egyptian cultural scene.

How does the workshop do this?

Egyptian Arabic is a spoken language that is highly interactive, and the best way to master it is by actually interacting with people. This course aims to give you key expressions and phrases that you can use to immediately begin communicating. You will learn how to engage in simple, friendly conversations that signal respect for the person and the culture, and an eagerness to learn.

Start learning Egyptian Arabic by mastering the interactive, relational building blocks given in this workshop.

  • Vocabulary that lets you greet people, say goodbye, engage in polite exchanges and ask key questions
  • Information about when to use formal or informal variations, depending on who you’re talking to
  • Useful functional words and expressions that you’ll need for your next steps, including numbers, pronouns, questions, and requests

Communicate from Day 1 to accelerate your learning of Egyptian Arabic

This workshop will focus on giving you initial tools that you can use to interact, right away. These are not randomly chosen vocabulary items. They are foundational words and expressions that will allow you to begin to interact in Egyptian Arabic. You will learn the initial Arabic you need to start connecting relationally with Egyptians.

The vocabulary that you will use, once you have completed the course, will immediately signal to the people with whom you are speaking that you appreciate and respect them, you enjoy their language and culture, and that you want to learn more. It will position you to take advantage of the friendliness and outgoingness of most Egyptians, as you interact with them in an open, friendly, interested way.

Egyptian Arabic speakers

But how can learning simple vocabulary items help me? I want to know how the language is used!

Learning a language is a process that takes more than 3 hours. But by starting with learning key words and phrases (a task you can do with a focused 3 hours, or more if you would like to put more time into the workshop), you establish a pattern of communication by immediately creating points of understanding. These initial, small points of communication create a momentum and positive cycle that leads to further communication and a growing participation in Egyptian Arabic. That participation (both yours and that of the person interacting with you) is a crucial foundation and starting point for all of your ongoing Arabic learning.

But can’t I just do the same thing by picking up a dictionary or using Google Translate?

You could, but it would be time consuming and you would need a plan. This course does the work of planning, organizing and gathering your materials into one easy place. It sequences the material based on 27 years of watching people become growing participants in Egyptian Arabic language. It explains the cultural context of each word and phrase. It gives you clear recordings that you can listen to over and over again, and flashcards that you can use to actually master the key terms. This course will save you the literal days that gathering the materials included in it would require.

What the workshop covers

This workshop is not designed to teach you all that you need to know about Egyptian Arabic in three hours. It is a launching pad, a tried-and-true start to a long path of fluency. It focuses on key vocabulary, in its cultural and linguistic context, that creates cues for native Egyptian Arabic speakers to interact with you in a way that will enable you to effectively engage as a participating learner.

1. Introduction

  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Goals, objectives, and format

2. Quick Start – greetings

  • Greetings (part 1)
  • Greetings (part 2)

3. Foundations for learning

  • Mindset shift: you really can learn Arabic
  • Egyptian Arabic – the way it’s actually used
  • The sounds of Egyptian Arabic
  • Egyptian Arabic – writing and transliteration
  • Quiz 1 – Foundations for learning Arabic

4. First Interactions – greetings and goodbyes (continued)

  • Goodbye (part 1)
  • Goodbye (part 2)
  • Quiz 2 – Greetings and goodbyes

5. Engaging in small conversations

  • How are you (part 1)?
  • Responses to how are you (part 2)
  • Polite expressions that engage people
  • Quiz 3 – engaging in small conversations

6. Expanding your interactions in Egyptian Arabic

  • Yes and no questions
  • People and things
  • Counting from 1 to 10
  • Counting from 11 to 100
  • Cognates – fast forwarding your vocabulary
  • Quiz 4 – expanding your interactions

7. Next steps

  • Your next steps to mastering Egyptian Arabic

About the Instructor

Instructor Profile

I teach writing and English at the American University in Cairo and design software in my own private company. I am an Arabic learner and teacher. I have lived in Egypt for 27 years, and use Arabic as a part of my everyday life. I love enabling people to interact with the Arab world. I am originally from Canada.

About the Instructor

What learners have said

“Learning is at a good pace and voice over very clear. Also the way the words etc are shown makes it easier for the student to understand.” 

(Sylvia O., January 2018)

“Great content”

(Hermenegildo S., November 2017)

This workshop is well structured and explained, easy to follow and has plenty of material for your revision. I loved that the explanations and new words are supported by pictures, sound and Arabic writing. Great work!”

(Simone S., June 2016)

“Why is it so short? I want something I can study and learn on a deeper level!”

I have heard this objection a lot over the past two decades to some of the best materials being offered by the best Arabic teachers available. The simple answer is that presenting huge amounts of material is of no use until the basic are put into action.

The sad truth is that most non-Egyptians (and non-native Arabic speakers)  who have lived and interacted in Egypt for more than 2 years are not able to fluently speak and understand all of the terms used in this workshop. Start with what is here. Learn it well, and you will be on a course that will lead to fluency in Egyptian Arabic.

Do not underestimate the importance of a good beginning, and do not be someone who passively acquires materials without actively learning them.

“But how can an online workshop replace a real teacher?”

It can’t. This workshop doesn’t try to replace a real teacher. It launches you in the right direction and lets you start your Egyptian Arabic journey with an incredible advantage – the ability to use what you learn in real interactions.

Based on my 27 years of Arabic learning experience in Egypt, as a now-fluent Egyptian Arabic speaker, I have watched hundreds of Arabic learners and seen the things they struggle with and the keys that are most helpful. This workshop enables you to take small but important first steps on your own. The emphasis is on quick learning and putting things into action. You can get your feet wet, and then decide how to invest further time in a teacher/course when you have already started to experience “small successes” in the language.

Leveraging your time through this workshop

I understand that you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands. That’s why it’s a short workshop. The content is curated – deliberately cut down to a small size – in a way that is designed to give you the essentials for starting. You will get a large return for a small investment of time (about 3 hours of focus, plus vocabulary practice afterward).

Vocabulary starts you faster than grammar and sentence structure

Focusing on vocabulary gives maximum leverage to what you can learn in a short time. Vocabulary items are the building blocks of a language. Gaining the ability to understand, clearly pronounce, and use vocabulary sharpens your ability to process language (in this case, Egyptian Arabic) in real time. Key words will activate ongoing, subconscious processing of the language in your brain, as your brain builds an understanding of the underlying rules, schema, and structure.

“No explanation required, no awkwardness” refund guarantee

30 day money back guaranteeThis workshop is covered by a 30-day “No-explanation required, no awkwardness” refund guarantee. If, within the course of 30 days from the time of purchase, you find that the workshop has not met your needs as an Arabic learner in any way, then you may send a simple email to and will receive a full refund with absolutely no hassle. You don’t need to explain why the workshop wasn’t for you, just let me know you need a refund. I hate hassles and awkwardness, and do not intend to give you any if I can possibly help it.  You don’t need that, and I don’t need it.

What makes this workshop unique?

This is one of the very few online Arabic courses taught by a non-native speaker of Arabic. That means that as your instructor I have personally experienced the struggles of learning to communicate in the language I am teaching you. I understand the steps needed to acquire it as an adult learner (not just acquire it as a child, the way native speakers do).

27 years of observing Arabic learners (including myself) has shaped the way I approach learning the language. I have engaged in tens of thousands of personal conversations in Arabic, giving me a constant stream of feedback as to how to best sharpen and improve my growing Egyptian Arabic skills. I have also observed hundreds of other Arabic learners doing the same.

I have seen over and over again the difference between those who only study Egyptian Arabic, and those who actually acquire it. My goal is to help you be someone who actually acquires it.

Enrolling in this course will give you full access to all of the course content. You will receive an email within moments of your purchase which will give you an enrollment code.

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