How are you? (part 1)

By the end of this lesson, you will know how to ask the question "How are you?" to a male, a female, or a group. You will understand the context in which to use a more formal/respectful version of the question, and when to use the informal.

Audio Files

Use these audio files of the vocabulary presented in the lesson to review the pronunciation of each word or phrase.

izzaayak? إزَّايَك؟ (How are you? - to a male)

izzaayik? إِزَّايِك؟ (How are you? - to a female)

izzaayuuku? إِزَّايُوكُو؟ (How are you? - to a group)

izzaay HaDritak? إِزَّاي حَضْرِتَك؟ (How are you? - formal, to a male)

izzaay HaDritik? إِزَّاي حَضْرِتِك؟ (How are you? - formal, to a female)


Print and use these flashcards to help you memorize the vocabulary items from this lesson.

Instructions: Print double-sided, then cut out cards. Practice going from English to Arabic, then from Arabic to English.

How are you Part 1 Flashcards.pdf