Greetings (part 1)

In this lesson, we look at greetings to use in the morning and evening. Each greeting consists of an initial word spoken, and a correct response.

Lesson Video

Audio Files

Use these audio files of the vocabulary presented in the lesson to review the pronunciation of each word or phrase.

1. SabaaH il-kheer صَبَاح الخِير (good morning)

2. SabaaH in-nour صَبَاح النُور (good morning - response)

3. mesaa' il-kheer مَسَاء الخِير (good evening)

4. mesaa' in-nour مَسَاء النُور (good evening - response)


Print and use these flashcards to help you memorize the vocabulary items from this lesson.

Instructions: Print double-sided, then cut out cards. Practice going from English to Arabic, then from Arabic to English.

Greetings Part 1 Flashcards.pdf